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Judo Classes

Do you want to foster confidence, discipline, conditioning and self-defence abilities in yourself? Judo classes will do exactly this for you. We offer judo training to people from all walks of life; men, women and children of various ages. We are committed to help you develop high quality Judo skills. Before we go any further, I will have to remind you that, Judo is an art not only concerned with improving your character and physical fitness but also, it can turn out to be lots of fun. Our aim for teaching Judo is not for you to win championships because, this is just a temporary accomplishment but rather, to make you a better person which is a life time accomplishment.

Benefits of Judo Classes

Physical Benefits

Through our judo training, you will improve your sense of coordination, balance, efficiency of movement, and learn the skills of falling safely.

Mental Benefits

Judo training also teaches self-confidence, respect, self-discipline, manners, mental strength, punctuality, tenacity, and toughness; all essential character traits for one to become successful and respected by society. The society is inclined to respects a person who loses with grace and wins with humility.

Benefits to Sport Persons

If you are an athlete or a sports person, Judo training will come handy for you; it teaches injury prevention by teaching you techniques of falling safely. Additionally, Judo requires you to not only move your own body efficiently, but your opponents body as well which develops concentration, agility and good balance. These skills can be utilized in various sports such as: Rugby, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Netball and many other sports to reduce the incidence of injury.

Self Defence

It is a fact that judo is a very effective and efficient means of self-defence for men, women and even children. Though you may not go looking for trouble, sometimes trouble seems to find us, and that’s when your Judo skills may come in handy and might even save your life.

Teaches Respect for Others

Respect for others is one of the unique aspects of judo training that participants learn. Judo training involves strict ethical principles and morals. Additionally, its compassionate approach to life, cultivates a sense of consideration and respect to the trainees. Judo teaches one to strive for intellectual, physical and moral perfection, which not only helps you to improve your life, but also empowers you to contribute positively to the society.

Health Benefits

Judo offers you a balanced and an ideal form of physical exercise which promotes your health in general and overall fitness. Physical fitness ensures that you have high immunity thus keeping you free from various kinds of ailments.

Why Should You Join Our Judo Classes?

Do you want to change your life for the better; get more confident, promote physical strength, improve your health, learn self-defence skills, get respected and learn to respect others, and most of all, contribute positively to the society? Then now is the time for you to join our judo classes. One of the greatest lessons you will learn in Judo is, just as life is, you cannot always win; this cultivates resolve, persistence and perseverance in you. Finally, the virtues cultivated while practicing Judo helps you succeed in other aspects of life. One you start the classes, you will be surprised to see how Judo improves the quality of your life.

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