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Kickboxing Classes

Picture yourself in this situation – You’re walking along a dark and isolated alley late at night, and you notice 2 men trailing you. You start getting worried and walk faster, but they walk faster as well. Finally, you turn a corner a reach a brightly lit and crowded alley. The 2 men disappear. That was really lucky, you tell yourself. But what if you’re not that lucky next time? Once you’re cornered, you’re powerless in getting yourself out.

Self-defence isn’t just for action movies – it’s for everyone. So if you’re thinking of taking up kickboxing classes, there’s no need to think twice. It could save your life – literally.

What is Kickboxing?

In a kickboxing workout, you can expect to burn a number of calories and increase your endurance, but you won’t be able to appreciate kickboxing as a martial art. As a martial art, kickboxing can help you defend yourself in dangerous situations.

Because kickboxing is an important sport, expect strikes to be an important component of your kickboxing classes. Boxers and kickboxers have similar punches – jabs, hooks, and uppercuts – but it’s the kicks that decide the outcome of the match. As you become a kickboxer, you will learn to balance and to pivot on one foot, simultaneously striking your other foot and attacking vulnerable areas of your opponent’s body.

Benefits of Kickboxing

Although the moves involved in kickboxing may sound intimidating, learning them will give you a sense of accomplishment among many other benefits you can expect from your kickboxing classes.

Burn Your Calories

Studies show that an hour long kickboxing workout not only burns 350 to 450 calories, but is also equivalent to an hour of jogging. Aside from keeping your weight in check, kickboxing also promotes cardiovascular health.

Reduce Stress

Picture this – there’s probably nothing more stress-reducing than punching and kicking a bag that you imagine to be an annoying boss or a hard day at work. Kickboxing allows you to let off some steam while working out your body.

Releases Endorphins

Endorphins are the so called “happy hormones”, named as such because they leave you in a happy mood. Aside from boosting your mood, endorphins also increase your confidence level. It will leave you feeling happy even hours after your class.

Improves Coordination

If people call you a klutz, now’s the time to prove them wrong. Kickboxing allows you develop your core muscles and improve both your coordination and reflexes. The precise moves in kickboxing will help you concentrate all your energy for proper execution.

Increase Flexibility

Flexibility decreases over time. Kickboxing increases your overall flexibility, and improves your strength and reflexes as well. This will lessen the likelihood of injury during periods of exertion.

Improves Posture

The great thing about kickboxing is that it challenges all your muscle groups, especially those that don’t get much attention throughout the day. As mentioned, kickboxing also targets your core group of muscles which are needed to execute each move properly.

Self Defence

Remember that situation with the two men? Well, once you learn kickboxing, you can show those thugs to mess with someone their own size. Kickboxing helps you develop skills necessary for self-defence and help you build strength and endurance, too.

Why Should Your Join Our Kickboxing Classes?

It’s the perfect cross training workout!

If using the treadmill is the only cardio workout you know, then kickboxing offers a more diverse workout. Wearing weights on your wrists and/or ankles, or simply using lightweight boxing gloves offers extra resistance to work against.

With all these benefits you can get, don’t hesitate to sign up for those kickboxing classes. Whether you want to get fit, to lose weight, or simply to try something new, there’s nothing that will challenge you more than kickboxing. Kickboxing is just one of a few routines that offers not only a workout, but also a vent to release any emotional tension you might be feeling. Kickboxing might be the road less travelled, but there was never an easy road to fitness. And if that’s your goal, might as well make the trip worth it with kickboxing. The offer still stands; all you need to do now is sign up for our kickboxing classes and we’ll help you get there.

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