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Krav Maga Classes

The popularity of Krav Maga in Singapore has been rising rather fast, it appears that more and more people are being drawn to Krav Maga training and classes. This is being experienced at a period where people want to improve their fitness and fighting skills as a way of self defense. To enjoy the benefits of this system of self defense, it is important to understand the techniques and engage the right instructors.

What Is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a special kind of contact combat that is used by the Israeli Defense Forces. It started off as a street combat technique but was later adopted by military men in Israel and many other people who desire to improve their physical fitness, mental alertness, as well as overcome any dangerous situations such as attacks from unscrupulous people in the streets, home or anywhere.

Qualified instructors teach students the best way to use their body reflexes to fend off any attacks while remaining alert. By following a systematic and practical approach, a person under attack is able deter or defend an attacker in a short time and using minimal effort.

How Does it Work?

The goal is to inflict maximize damage in the shortest time system following a 1,2,3 technique. An individual targets the opponents weakest points such as the eyes, knees, groin, throat, ribs, solar plexus and more. Good learning entails knowing how to apply the skills to attack and how to untangle oneself from the enemies lock or hold. This requires proper use of the hands, legs, knees and elbows as the main weapons of attack. Krav Maga aims at making the opponent weak and unable to attack but not to kill or maim. This is why it is import to learn the real skills from a reputable training school to prevent any injury.

What are The Benefits?

The skill which was symbolic with the military and defense forces in Israel has become accepted worldwide. This is attributed to its many benefits.

  1. The contact combat self defense skill helps improve a person’s mental fitness and makes him/her more alert whether in the am or pm.
  2. By following the recommended program, teaching of the techniques is straightforward and doesn’t require many years of learning or special tools.
  3. A person becomes physical fit and lives life to the full without worrying what would happen if he/she was attacked in the home, street or anywhere else.
  4. Look at the comments, opinions and review posts reveals that Krav Maga is without a doubt one of the best self-defense Martial Arts.

Don’t live in fear of being attacked in the streets. What you need is getting in touch with the right instructors who are competent and qualified to teach you Krav Maga. Within a few weeks or months you will have mastered the same skills applied by the Israeli military.

LEAVE US A MESSAGE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR CLASSES, and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Don’t live in fear of being attacked while you can do something about it!

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