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Muay Thai Classes

A lot of forms of Martial Arts out there focus more on defense. Moves and Techniques are especially designed to block or obstruct attacks. Muay Thai is different.

With the combined use of eight contract points namely feet, knees, elbows, and fists, Muay Thai has been known as the “Science of Eight Limbs” or the “Art of Eight Weapons”. It is intended to be a full-contact sport that concentrates more on attacking than defending. In spite this, the stand-up striking moves and clinching techniques that Muay Thai has are relatively simple to learn. The joint use of the eight contract points, however, will still make your body work hard.

Muay Thai originated from Thailand and dates back to thousands of years ago, but gained worldwide recognition just recently. Since then, this combat sport has reached wider borders and learned by more people across the globe. Known as the most effective striking art, Muay Thai’s popularity is undoubtedly a long-term one.

Benefits of Muay Thai Classes

Gaining more physical strength is the most common benefit that you will get from enrolling in Muay Thai classes. But once you do, you will gain a lot more.

Strength and Agility

With a more developed stamina and endurance, you will be able to do more things quickly with power and agility.

Toned Body

The skills training that you will undergo will help your body be at its best shape and condition. You will lose excess weight, replacing all those stubborn fats with lean muscles. Overall, it’s a great workout!

Confidence and Courage

In Muay Thai, these characteristics do not only remain in the four walls of the classroom or between you and your opponent, the confidence to face challenges also extends to real life hurdles.

Discipline and Focus

This combat sport is not only good for the body but for the mind as well. Strategizing your moves requires focus and discipline, thus you’ll have a healthier and sharper mind.


This is the spiritual benefit of Muay Thai. Wisdom is greater than knowledge. It makes you see the “other side of the fence”, the bigger picture, and the unseen details of daily life. With the holistic benefits of this form of Martial Arts, you can gain spiritual enlightenment.

Why go for Muay Thai classes?

Well, why would you not enroll in Muay Thai classes? Whether for workout, competition, or self-defense, this combat sport is perfect for all that. Moreover, it can be learned by anybody. Our classes give different levels of Muay Thai training that’s suited for kids and adults, male or female, fat or thin, there are lessons that are right for you! Furthermore, the simple yet effective moves make Muay Thai tested for both real life situations and combat competitions. It is a practical form of Martial Arts that you can use whenever you are caught on street fights, house intrusions or any violent acts that may come your way. By enrolling in our Muay Thai classes, you will learn street and competition-certified combat sports’ moves and techniques. Our classes are handled by Muay Thai experts and professionals that can teach everything you need to master the art.

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