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QiGong Classes

Would you like to have the key to mental and physical balance? Would you like to feel young and healthy? What about having the tools to heal your body from every day’s pains and stress symptoms?

If your answers is YES, come and join our QiGong classes to learn and take advantage of all the benefits this ancient discipline can provide.

QiGong has its origins in Chinese tradition and it goes back for thousands of years. It combines the knowledge and techniques of ancient Martial Arts, the research and expertise of medicine, and the wisdom and teachings of philosophy. It is therefore a very holistic and complete discipline that has the power to heal and prevent disease through the practice of different exercises, breathing routines and other body-mind relaxing and revitalizing methods.

What is Qi?

The word Qi, represents the vital energy that we all have in each other. Also called Chi, the Qi is the life energy that is present in all the universe around us. When our Qi is unbalanced, restrained or low, it results in disfunction and illness of our organism. So, QiGong has been designed to keep our Qi in balance and in a constant flow producing very positive effects in our health.

Benefits Practicing QiGong

The practice of this art includes physical exercises, chants, meditation techniques, massages, and relaxation and breathing exercises among other teachings. With a regular practice of a QiGong routine you can experience serious improvements in your organism and immune system. Some of the direct benefits for everybody are:

  1. Improving the cardiovascular system and reducing cardiovascular problems.
  2. Reducing stress levels and providing a more peaceful and balanced state of mind.
  3. Giving more strength to the vital organs improving their health
  4. Improving the digestive system functions avoiding digestive discomfort.
  5. Providing a better functioning of the circulatory system.
  6. Providing a better and deeper sleep
  7. Enhancing sexual energy and fertility

It can also be used to heal or improve specific medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, respiratory problems or as part of a recovery program for injuries, as well as for after operations, offering faster recovery results.

It is a very powerful tool with great positive effects. If you learn how to use QiGong techniques and movements properly you will be able to even heal yourself from several pains and health disorders.

QiGong Teachings

The QiGong teachings have a vast number of body poses, exercises and styles with different intensity routines, from a more soft practice like Tai Chi which can be considered a QiGong style, to stronger styles like Kung Fu. In all variants you will learn how to breath properly, how to relax and become stronger physically and mentally and you will increase the flow of your Qi which will make you feel more vital , balanced and happy.

Medical studies and the pass of time have proven that this discipline is capable of healing our organism, of preventing diseases and improving our inner and external appearance. It has become a worldwide practiced art and many people have already taken advantage of its benefits in different forms.

Join our QiGong Classes now to start getting all these benefits!

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