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Shaolin Wu Mei Nei Gong Classes

Discover the Shaolin Wu Mei Nei Gong Martial Art, one of the oldest and finest discipline of Chinese Martial Arts that can empower your inner self and give you confidence while improving your health. If you want to be in control of your mind and body and feel invigorated come and join our Wu Mei Nei Gong classes.

Shaolin Martial Art is the pillar of all ancient Chinese disciplines in the field and from it, the Wu Mei Nei Gong style was born. It was funded by a Buddhist nun called Wu Mei, who has become one of the most respected masters as she was one of the survivors at the Shaolin Temple when it was destroyed under the Qing’s hands.

Due to its origins these teachings are also called, Art of the fighting Nun or Wu Mei Kung Fu. The main focus of Wu Mei’s art is to empower our Qi. The Qi is known to be the universal energy flowing in all natures’ creatures and environments, the energy of life itself which is responsible for our wellbeing. Taking care of our Qi and learning how to unblock it we can heal ourselves from medical problems, both physical and mental.

The practice of the Wu Mei Nei Gong Martial Art combines self-defense with spiritual training and the key to longevity and robust health. It uses the Qi’s power in oneself to fight effectively, achieve a focused state of mind and keep the body healthy and strong; through methods like meditation and breathing techniques, QiGong practices, a set of specific movements, fighting and self-defense exercises and other teachings.

From the practice of this art you can benefit of multiple positive effects like for example:

  • Gaining self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improving the respiratory system
  • Reinforcing the immune system 
  • Reducing stress and emotional distress
  • Connecting to your inner self and feeling balanced
  • Strengthening the body muscles and organs

If you practice regularly Shaolin Wu Mei Nei Gong your health will surely improve and you will also be able to heal yourself and prevent health problems. Also the lessons you receive and the knowledge you acquire will be life-long lasting and will always usefull.

Join our classes and start your training in the Shaolin Wu Mei Nei Gong Martial Art and you will soon start to feel the positive effects the routines have on you. This discipline is one of the most popular yet one of the most pure as it has remained almost as the original teachings, being practiced for hundreds of years with really amazing results.

Gain your full Qi potential with our Master in Wu Mai or joining some of our Qigong classes. Let your body and mind experience the joy of wellbeing.

~~Click here to start joining our Shaolin Wu Mei Nei Gong Classes now!~~

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