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Tai Chi Classes

Among the many categories of martial arts, Tai Chi is one of those which are not only used for self-defence but also for relaxation and stress management purposes. Tai Chi has long been used as a traditional Chinese exercise which can be performed with different styles. It can be done by anybody since it does not involve intensive workout. Many individuals enjoy Tai Chi classes which are offered in several centres all over the world. Due to its increasing popularity, many experts in Tai Chi have developed several training programs and routines. The aim of the exercise is to promote longevity and self-protection. If you are interested in learning Tai Chi, click here to signup now.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is otherwise known as Tai Ji. Although it is quite well-known these days, Tai Chi is mainly done for its health benefits. The exercise involves slow, gentle movements often accompanied by deep breathing exercises. It requires focus and concentration as well as proper body posturing. Each form or posture has a significant benefit to the body. This includes increasing blood circulation to distal parts of the body.

Essential Tai Chi Benefits

Tai Chi involves three basic aspects which are the ultimate keys for the success of the exercise. These include the following:


The exercise begins with the wellness component of the Tai Chi exercise. With these exercises, the body is slowly relieved from stress and exhaustion. The body organs begin to function more effectively as the stress hormones decrease.


After making the body relaxed, meditation follows. Meditation, which involves concentration, comes after physical stress management since focus is at a low level when the physical body is exhausted.


This comes in the end after you learn to manage physical stress and meditate through Tai Chi exercises.

Aside from its many health benefits such as stress management, the exercise is also fun and enjoyable. It enhances flexibility and stability especially when you learn to perform its advanced forms or postures.


Although it is generally safe for all ages, some individuals such as those who are suffering from vertebral disorders and women who are pregnant are recommended to avoid some postures of the exercise.

Want to learn Tai Chi?

In our Tai Chi classes, you will be exposed to all aspects of Tai Chi and will be thought various different exercises to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, etc to reap the most benefits out of it. Regardless of your age, gender, or fitness level, Tai Chi is the perfect martial art for you. By the end of all the lessons, you’ll be sure to have a calmer mind, better health and a happier life. So why not, just join us?

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