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Eskrima, the Great Filipino Martial Art!

By DFX Martial Arts | In Tips and Tricks | on September 24, 2016

What is Eskrima? Eskrima (also known as Kali or Arnis) is a weapon based Martial Art that originated from the Philippines. Many people know it as Philippines national sport that makes it one of the best especially when you need to know more about combat effectiveness history. Recently, the art become conspicuous in numerous countries at the same time enjoyed more as traditional Asian arts. This makes it one of the fascinating historical facts that you can learn especially in today’s modern world.

Is it Bare Hand or a Martial Art with Weapon? 

This Philippine’s traditional Martial Arts (“Filipino Martial Arts”) that emphasizes in weapon-based fighting with bladed weapons, sticks, knives, and the improvised weapons. This makes it important especially when you need the best solution. This makes it an important and rich history among the Philippines especially for those who need information about it.

Its difference from many other Martial Arts is the ability that students are taught to train using weapons from the start, as opposed to starting on their empty hands training (as most of the Martial Arts do). This kind of training builds the manual dexterity in the practitioner at the same time training faster conditioned responses to the various attacks. These weapons are based includes striking (punching and kicking), grappling, wrestling and even ground fighting, as well as teaching practical defences that goes against most weapons.

In the modern world, its function includes joint locks, grappling, hand-to-hand combat, and weapon disarming techniques. Though in general, most of the emphasis is put on these weapons for the arts, which some systems may put empty hands as the main primary focus and old school systems don’t teach about these weapons at all.

Is it a Street Smart and Practical Self-Protection Skill?

Yes, absolutely! It is a street smart and practical self-protection skill. With the skills from the Eskrima Martial Arts, you will develop strategies on how to defend yourself well.


What are the Benefits it Bring to the Practitioner?

Belt ranking through an Eskrima Martial Art is a recent addition adopted from Philippines arts such as Judo and Karate that has become more popular with many people in the world. They were also added to give system structure, and to be capable of compete in attention among the students. In addition, it includes some of the basic skills and movement with elaboration on how it works.

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