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Judo for Kids

Judo is a form of combat martial art that started in Japan. The main feature of this martial art is the competitive aspect. Engaging in judo for kids is very important not only for physical fitness, but also self-defence. The main objective of a participant in this martial art is to takedown or throw an opponent down, immobilize or subsidize them using force. One uses a choke or joint lock on their competitors until they submit. Feet and hand thrusts and strikes as well as defence weapons are also used in judo. However, these are used on pre-arranged forms of judo and they are not used in free practice and judo competition.

Benefits of Judo for Kids

Build Confidence

Building self-confidence is one of the main benefits of judo. Judo for kids entails competitions with ranking and belts. These are perceived as a sign of skills and knowledge that one has in this sport. When children join judo classes, they are trained and eventually entered in competitions for ranking. A child can obtain the first belt within weeks of training. This motivates them to keep practicing and getting more skills and knowledge. They also feel that they are capable of defending themselves after ranking and winning belts.

Instill Discipline

Kinds are taught that through discipline, one can achieve anything that they want to accomplish in life. Individual achievements are highly encouraged in judo. Judo is based on the belief that practicing frequently makes one perfect their knowledge and skills. This is why punching and kicking are emphasized and practiced regularly. Kids in judo classes keep repeating throws every now and then. Even when competing or sparring, competitors keep repeating throws to show that they are capable of applying skills that they have learnt and practiced in their classes. They discipline themselves to keep practicing in order to achieve essential skills that they need to beat their opponents.

Judo Is a Year-Round Sport

Judo isn’t a seasonal sport so the training routine remains the same throughout the year. In addition, practicing consistently is among the most emphasized aspects of judo. This is because kids who discipline themselves to regular and consistent practicing progress very fast.

Enhance Physical Fitness

Kids who participate in judo are physically fit. This improves their immune system while ensuring that your children will not be obese.

Why Should Your Kid Learn Judo?

The rise of martial art schools that teach judo and competitions involving it are among the major factors that have made many kids like judo. Today, judo is among the most popular sports among kids. Kids also want to be enrolled for judo classes to become stars like competitors who they see in movies. Thus, judo for kids is not only for self-defence but also enabling children to enjoy these benefits.

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