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History of Boxing

Boxing is the oldest sport in the history of time, records of boxing shows that the sport dated-back- to the Egyptian era of-the 2nd Millennium BC and summer era of-the-3rd millennium. The sport used subsequent fighting with fists which is the-most- natural form of combat to man. During this time, boxing wasn’t formalized as a sport, until when it appeared in the Ancient Olympic Games in 688BC & carried the name Pygmachia or Pygme. Players prepared for the game by punching bags known as korykos. Fighters were supposed to wore leather-straps over their wrists and hands.

There were 2 form of boxing In Roman times:

– The much viewed & revered form of the Gladiatorial battle in the Colosseum

– Competitive form in the ancient Olympic Games

At this time, boxing was a fight to death and it was a form of entertainment. Later, in the 500AD the sport was banned since it was seen as a sign of disrespect to gods. Nevertheless, with the fall of the Roman Empire, the sport remains popular during the-middle-ages.

Initially, there were no referee, weight divisions or rules in boxing therefore, the sport was quite dangerous and barbaric. Eventually, Jack Broughton who was recognized as the world heavyweight champion wrote a set of rules of this game in 1743. The rules were later modified by Queensberry in 1867 where there were significant changes in the rule such as introduction of 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest and wearing of padded gloves. At this time, fighters were given 10 second counts if they are knocked down to rise up as opposed to thirty seconds in the previous rules.

Boxing Styles

There are four known boxing styles which are part of this sport and are commonly used in matches. Physically as-well-as mentally, there will never be two boxers who will use the same style at a particular time. One boxing style is called boxer-out-fighter where the player is support to keep a distance between his or her opponent. The style allows the boxer to fight long range punches and at a faster pace. Another style used is called boxer puncher, the player fights at a close-range allowing him or her to wear out the opponent.

In fighter is another popular style used in boxing. The boxer uses the combination of uppercuts and hooks while fighting at a close range to his or her opponent. The player uses jab punches before beginning to-hit on the inside of-the opponent. The last style is about defense. It is mostly used when your opponent makes a mistake and it requires good hands speed, quick reflexes & intelligence to be effective.

Boxing Techniques

There are 2 main boxing techniques. They are:

– Punch

– Stance

The stance technique includes a full-crouch stance, semi-crouch stance and upright stance, while punching include 4 main punches:

– The cross

– The hook

– The uppercut

– The jab

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