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The contemporary world understands Judo in different ways. For some, it is a form of combat. For others, it is a competitive sport that encourages fitness and trains you in self-defence techniques. In actuality, Judo is a martial art that took birth in Japan under the guidance of the Japanese educator Jigoro Kano. The art was created in the year 1882 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Our Judo classes salutes the compelling art of Judo and endeavours to take the traditional combat form forward in more ways than one.

Highlights Of Judo

Judo can be considered as the reincarnation of the ancient combat art of ‘Jujutsu’. It is a combination of throwing, grappling and striking techniques. What governs Judo is the principle of evading the opponent’s attack and unsettling him. The opportunity is used to overcome the opponent. In this exciting form of martial art, the size of the opponent does not matter. If you’ve been a dedicated student of Judo, you will have the necessary skills to defeat your opponent even if he’s bigger and stronger than you are.

The first step of Judo is learning to break falls before the practitioner begins training in ‘throwing techniques’. The art also involves control holds, ground pins, arm locks and certain choking moves and techniques. There are strict rules outlined for this art form and it is practiced on mats to ensure safety of the participants. The competitive element and spirit associated with Judo makes it unique. The art gained worldwide recognition after its introduction in the Olympic games held in 1964.

Special Features

Judo is a multi-dimensional combat form. Apart from being the key to self-defence training, it instils confidence in a number of people and enhances their fitness levels. Judo students learn self-discipline and respect for others. Since this activity puts no bars on age and sex, it serves to bring people together from various walks of life. Judo is also open to people who are handicapped but have the will to pick up this sport and carry it forward. Judo also has immense recreational value and many contests are organized simply for the love of this age-old martial art form.

What’s more, picking up Judo is quite economical too. At DFX Martial Arts, we will discover an affordable way to pick up Judo from skilled instructors.

The Ranks

The ranking system of Judo is built on the practitioner’s ability, knowledge and qualities of leadership. There are different ranks for the senior and junior practitioners. The sport uses the concept of ‘coloured belts’ in which the ‘black belt’ is the highest honour awarded denoting superior competence levels. In Judo, there are periodical advances marking the learner’s level of learning the skills. These appreciations keep the students motivated to reach the higher levels of achievement.

IJF or International Judo Federation governs Judo on an international level. It is the official host for World Judo Championships and is instrumental in running the Olympic events of Judo.

Why Should You Learn Judo?

The art of Judo focuses on the holistic development of an individual in terms of the body, mind and soul. We have judo classes that are designed to train you towards perfecting an art that has the power to make your life complete. So, join our Judo classes now for a life-changing experience.

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