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There are several reasons behind the popularity of kickboxing among many fitness enthusiasts and people who want to practice self-defence. Kickboxing is a martial art that gives a unique combination of traditional martial arts techniques and new self-defence techniques. The blend of techniques not just make this martial art unique, but it also improves its effectiveness. The growth of this martial art into a great combat sport over the past few decades has also helped in boosting its popularity among people. That’s why we would see so many people interested in learning this martial art.

History of Kickboxing

Origins of the Kickboxing take us to Japan where competitions of this martial art were started to be held in 1960s. Then this sport started to be practiced in America and in 1970s first competitions were held of American Kickboxing. This martial art combines the fighting style of muay thai, boxing and karate. This is a truly hybrid martial art as it contains many new techniques of fighting also. After the 1990s the popularity of this martial art has grown immensely among the people who want to learn martial art for effective self-defense and among people who just want to maintain great fitness levels.

Styles of Kickboxing

In the sports of Kickboxing, players usually fight freestyle boxing, however, in some events there are rules that are followed. In some styles of Kickboxing the fighting is stopped if one of the fighters falls on the ground. For example, in Sanshou Kickboxing, boxers are trained to fight even if they have fallen on the ground. Basically, there are three types off boxing styles:

The Japanese Style

Japanese Kickboxing has close resemblances with Muay Thai Kickboxing, but there are some differences. In Japanese Kickboxing there are a total of five rounds and the duration of each round is three minutes. Kicking is allowed in the lower parts of the body except from crotch. The players have the liberty to use both knees and elbows for striking. Throws and head butts have been banned for the security of the players, but neck-wrestling is allowed.

The American Style

The rules of American Kickboxing are applicable on Australian Full Contact Karate also. In Kickboxing which follows the American style, players can only hit on the upper part of the opponents, which is above the hips, with their feet and fists. Fighters cannot use knees and elbows while fighting, but they can use shins sometimes. In American style Kickboxing fights are of 3-12 rounds and each round lasts for about 2 to 3 minutes.

The European Style

This style of Kickboxing is formed by the combination of Japanese Kickboxing and Muay Thai. There are five rounds of three minutes each which boxers have to fight to finish the game. Boxers cannot use knees and elbows for hitting. While fighting fighters are free to hit in both the upper and lower part of the body, except the groin. Head-butts and throws are forbidden, however, neck-wrestling is allowed to some extent.

Kickboxing is a relatively new martial art, but it has found plenty of popularity among the masses and its popularity is increasing every day. So, if you are interested in kickboxing, feel free to find out more about our kickboxing classes.

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