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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a relatively new sport. The first UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship event took place on 12th November, 1993. Fighters from different backgrounds have been fighting for many years, and his new sport has managed to attract many fighters to come together and compete with different styles and moves. Due to this, the popularity of this sport has significantly increased in the last few years. In fact, its popularity is continuously growing at an amazing rate.

The first MMA event was telecasted live on pay-per-view. Numerous people tuned in, and producers came to know that it won’t be long before MMA turns out to be a huge success. They were right, and Mixed Martial Arts has now become one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Basic Difference between MMA and Other Martial Arts

Typical martial arts aren’t sports. They are disciplines and way of life people choose to live by.

Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of many different martial arts styles, hence adds a sporty feel to traditional self-defence. MMA includes stand up fighting, grappling, takedowns and wrestling, it is more suitable for combatants who tend to be bigger in size. Most importantly, MMA makes you adaptable to different styles of attacks and makes it easier for you to defend yourself.

Basic Goals in a MMA Competition

Rules of mixed martial arts or MMA combat can be slightly different for every MMA organization. Different MMA organizations use different variations of rules. However, MMA requires a combatant to defeat his adversary by decision or via stoppage, also known as submission or (T)KO. The judges come up with decisions favoring a combatant on the basis of certain criteria for winning the fight.

Some Basic MMA Moves

– Rear-Naked Choke
– Guillotine Choke
– Spine Twister
– Flying Knee
– Superman Punch

Characteristics of MMA

Usually, MMA combats are characterized by a wide range of martial arts styles included in this sport. In simple words, MMA combatants go through many different kinds of fights including throwing or takedowns, stand up fights (clinch work, punches, knees, elbows and kicks) and ground fights (submission defense, ground control and submissions).

MMA Training

As mentioned earlier, MMA fighters come from a lot of different backgrounds. As a result, their training regimes also differ from one another. However, MMA fighters always need to train for fighting on their feet and on the ground. Most of the MMA fighters practice wrestling, submission fighting and kickboxing. All these techniques are quite effective in mixed martial arts combat.

Conditioning is also another important aspect of MMA training. It fact, conditioning is extremely important for every fighter. MMA fighters always need to be in perfect shape to fights. Sometimes, a fighter may be fighting for five rounds over 25 minutes. Thus, staying in shape and conditioning lay the foundation for MMA combats.

Most importantly, Mixed Martial Arts is suitable for anyone of any age, size, gender, and even fitness level. From professional fighting to learning MMA for fun, we have MMA classes to cater to your every need.

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