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Muay Thai

If you’re someone who’s looking for a specialization in Martial Arts that is simple yet full in speed, force, and locomotion, Muay Thai might just be right for you. Its combined use of feet, knees, elbows and fist make this combat sport one of the simplest to learn but one of the most powerful.

Much to Muay Thai’s huge popularity, this type of Martial Arts dates back to over a thousand years in ancient Thailand. However, it only gained world recognition in the twentieth century. From then on, Muay Thai’s world fame grew and has achieved an even higher status today.

The basic moves in Muay Thai are stand-up striking and clinching. It’s a full-contact sport in contrast to other Martial Arts that focuses on self-defense. Its joint use of feet, knees, elbows, and fist (known as the “Science of Eight Limbs”) may dangerously injure opponents. However, the overall use of such body parts also makes Muay Thai a good form of workout.

Benefits of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is form of Martial Arts that has more benefits other than the obvious. Here are some of them:

Strength and Agility

With the extensive and strenuous routines and the use of your “8 limbs”, you will improve your physical strength thus developing your stamina.

Physical Fitness

Muay Thai helps you burn fats and develop muscles to achieve overall great physique!

Courage and Self Confidence

Like other forms of Martial Arts, learning this Thai combat sport helps you become brave in facing not just your opponents but also life’s challenges.

Discipline and Focus

With the duels and face-offs, your discipline and focus will be tested, especially with how to come up with smart strategies for a fight. The discipline and focus that you can achieve through Muay Thai will also help you in other aspects of life.


By having an overall improvement of self, you will perceive things not just from what they are at plain sight but from a bigger picture.

Sportsmanship, Respect, etc.

You will be able to understand people more through the practices or training that you will encounter. You will learn the value of helping and being helped. Muay Thai is not just a one-on-one battle. There are cases where you are put into the position of saving others from a group of opponents. It’s simply doing something good for other people.

Why Muay Thai?

Contrary to most people’s idea of Muay Thai, this sport is not exclusively for men or people who are physically strong. This combat sport can be learned by different people whatever gender, age group, and fitness level they have or are in.

This ancient combat sport has simple techniques and moves but require strength, speed, and force. Whether you just want to have a more challenging workout, sport, or whether you want to learn this for self-defence purposes, Muay Thai is a great form of Martial Arts that you should practice. Additionally, it is efficient and effective in street fights and ring battles. The moves and techniques are tested for both competitions and real life situations. Therefore, it can help you develop yourself and your well-being.

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