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Mixed Marital Arts for Kids

Forget about basketball, football and rugby among the youth, mixed martial arts (MMA) is among the fastest growing sports in the world. Despite its popularity, MMA is based on the ancient’s methods of training our mind, body and also spirit while-developing self-defence techniques. The major benefits of mixed-martial-arts are:

– Fitness

– Defence

– Respect

– Discipline

– Self Confidence

Being a premium martial arts academy, we offer a wide & extensive range of martial arts classes for all children of different ages. We have skilled instructors who have many years of experience in martial arts. Self-defence is one important thing which a child should learn in today’s world. News of crimes against young child continue to turn up the newspapers, radios and television every day and they world is expected to continue like this or even be more worse in future.

There are also daily occurrence of violence in every city or town which are not reported and you child can be a victim of such violence. However, many parents or guardians may see mixed martial arts and consider the-sport to be violent & dangerous. But this is not the case children who we have trained or we are training martial arts experience many advantages as illustrated below.

Benefits of MMA for Kids

Improve Fitness

Regular physical exercise is important for your child health. Most child care experts and doctors recommend that your child should be getting at least one hour of physical exercise daily in order to maintain his or her healthy life. Fortunately, fitness is our central value when we train children mixed martial arts. Warm up in this martial arts include push-ups, jumping jacks and also stretching exercises.

During our MMA classes we ensure that children work their muscles & cardiovascular system in order to have body fitness which is required.

Self Defence

As stated earlier, the world is full of crime and many criminal activities target children. Therefore, self-defence is important for boys and girls to learn and also the ability to defend oneself leads to the feelings of confidence and empowerment. When we train children MMA we do not focus to attack, but to defend. We train children different techniques & skills of self-defence that can be used in a wide range of situations. In addition we teach the children how to prevent & avoid conflicts hence they may never need to use their mixed martial arts skills.

Be Respectful

Though many people have misguided-opinion that martial-arts is all about punching, submitting an opponent and kicking, respect is one critical value when we train our students. Since, during their studies we teach children how to respect their master, opponent, their art and themselves to ensure that they are aware of the benefits living peacefully.


This is another cornerstone of this program. Our MMA instructor ensures that they try to instil a sense of concentration and focus in order for children to learn to follow task until completion. The techniques and customs we taught during mixed martial arts program also help young children to learn discipline at home, schools and other areas of their life.

Build Self Confidence at an Early Age

Finally, during our MMA training young children learn confidence. Throughout training we ensure that children set achievable, measurable goals and through hard work, they will always achieve them. Please click here and signup for Mixed Martial Arts Classes.

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