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Muay Thai for Women

Gone are the days when women are seen as the weaker sex. At present, more and more women are aspiring to become as strong as men. This includes physical strength. History proves that there are a lot of butt-kicking, face-smashing, and head-bashing women who can defend themselves and others by learning the arts of self-defence and protection.

However, parallel to the rising movement of women empowerment is the increasing violent incidents of today. This means anyone is at stake, especially those who are not equipped. Crimes of today are not limited to robbery or burglary, they are more violent resulting to permanent disabilities and deaths.

Heinous criminals usually target women because they are seen as weaker targets. Luckily, there are many ways on how to learn to defend yourself. For self-defence purposes, Muay Thai classes for women are definitely great for you.

Martial Arts aren’t gender exclusive. Everyone has the right to learn this sacred Art. Having said that, there are many forms of Martial Arts where women can find the strength boost they’re seeking. Muay Thai is one of them.

Why Learn Muay Thai?

Muay Thai originated from Thailand and is approximately 2000 years old. This Ancient Art makes use of a combination of 8 contract points namely feet, knees, elbows and fist, hence its title “The Science of 8 limbs” or “The Art of 8 Weapons”. The simple yet powerful moves and techniques of Muay Thai made it the most effective striking art. If you’re a woman who likes this kind of Martial Arts, then this combat sport is perfect for you. Muay Thai for women has numerous benefits. It provides a holistic development of oneself and even more.

Benefits of Muay Thai

Strength and Agility

For men and women alike, the more we developed our stamina through the training and classes, the more we become strong, tough, and agile.

Physical Fitness

A lot of women wants to learn Muay Thai due to this benefit. And they’re right. You will lose weight, strengthen muscles, and get them toned for an overall slamming body!

Emotional Stability

If you’re the kind of woman who needs to learn how to control emotional outbursts, then you should get yourself enrolled with Muay Thai classes. You will learn to be more patient, confident and courageous in dealing with challenges. Therefore, you can deal with situations in a calmer and balanced state.

Discipline and Focus

Muay Thai classes will teach you strategies so you can become mindful of attacks. Thus, you will have a sharper and more focused mind. This discipline will refrain you from succumbing to reckless impulses.

Spiritual Development

With the overall well-being that you will gain from Muay Thai classes, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings.

The image of women in the society is continuously being redefined. Today more and more women show how strong, confident and empowered they are. Protecting yourself with the use of Muay Thai is among the most effective ways to keep you safe. Confidence, strength, and wisdom are just a few of the many rewards of this Ancient art. All resulting to a much more empowered woman you ought to be.

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