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What is UFC?

By DFX Martial Arts | In Tips and Tricks | on September 3, 2016

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a Martial Arts promotion company that was first initiated in the United States. It produces events worldwide and has featured some of the best and top ranked fighters across the globe. The first championship was held in 1993 and was mainly focused on identifying the most effective fighter and initially it had minimal rules. The different live fighting disciplines which were included in the UFC championship were Judo, Boxing, MMA, wrestling, Karate and Sambo.

As of 2016, the UFC championship has gained popularity in Europe, Canada, Middle East and Asia. Canada has hosted the event 18 times and UK has had 16 events. Among these events included night fight events. As the fight game continued to gain popularity, there was introduction of stricter rules. By the early 90s, actions like biting and eye gouging were prohibited. Following the appointment of Mac Ratner as vice president of regulatory affairs of the UFC champion center, there were sanctions of the game across United States that he still continues to make efforts to legalize other states which are under ban. Las Vegas was a popular state known for the sport. The UFC has so far visited 5 countries in Asia.

UFC Rules

The participants’ requirement was to be an 8- man one night live tournament. Most spectators were interested in being a part of the game. There has been a great transformation and difference from the old UFC live championship and the modern one. There were no classes and even small fighters could find themselves battling a sumo wrestler who would obviously pass the fight. The basic rules continued to be change over time and other habits that were frowned upon was still accepted like hair pulling and groin-hitting. In 2006, the parent company Zuffa was able to win contracts of notable fighters like Diaz, McGregor, Ryan, Jimmo, Dos Anjos, Alvarez and Jones.

The Fighting Attire 

All competitors need to wear approved uniform while fighting. This includes approved shorts and light weight gloves with padding around the knuckles that allows great flexibility of the fingers. These gloves enable fighters to use their fist with minimal risk of injury and hand breakage even though there is constant grappling. A mouth guard is also needed to protect the teeth and moth cavity from damage and injury. The state athletic committee ensures all rules and regulations are observed before the tournament begins. As such, the officials of this body ensure through report and inspection of the participants before they enter the ring or arena.

At first the fighting attire was not controlled at all and fighters chose to wear white tight fitting pants or long trousers and others wore wrestling shoes. In today’s era, fighters need to be bare foot. Women are not allowed to wear any protective garment around the groin.


The matches may end if any of the following happens during the game:

  1. A fighter taps the mat or his opponent or verbally signs as he expresses his defeat because he is in pain. This is referred to as submission. In this case the referee has to stop the game.
  2. One of the fighters is unconscious because he has been knocked. This is called knockout.
  3. Technical knockout. This may happen if the referee decides to stop the fight since a participant obviously cannot defend himself. Another reason is where the ring side doctor notices a dangerous bleeding and stops the game. A third option is where a fighter’s corner man signals for the defeat of his own.

The judge’s decision is final and he is the one who decides if the match has needed and declares who has won. On the other hand, a fighter may be disqualified if he perform an illegal move or takes a drastic action that will obviously undermine the ability of his opponent on defending himself. The opponent gains an automatic victory.


A fighter does not have a salary but is paid per the game played. Cash bonuses are awarded to the best ultimate night performer of up to 200. The audience may take photos and share and the media come for TV play back.

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